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What I've been up to lately

July 10-20, 2018 : Will be travelling for ACL 2018, Melbourne. Presenting two papers on code-switching on twitter at SRW and SocialNLP.

June 2018 : Awarded the ACL Student travel grant. Will be partially funded by Google for presenting my work at ACL 2018.

May 2018 : Two papers accepted at ACL 2018, Language Identification and Named Entity Recognition in Hinglish Code
Mixed Tweets
(SRW) and A Twitter Corpus for Hindi-English Code Mixed POS Tagging (SocialNLP). Both were coauthored with Indira Sen and PK.

June - July 2018: Interning at INRIA Paris with the MiMove group, working on outlier detection on data collected by their Ambiciti application.

Jan - April 2018 : Interning at iRage Capital as a data scientist, holy there are some really smart people around here. Taking a semester gap from college, it's too cold here in Delhi haha.

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