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Hey! You've stumbled across Unblur Scribd. Hope it helps you access whatever content you need.

Link to addon on Firefox Store

Update: Unblur the Page has been pulled down from the Google Chrome Store.
We had a great run :) Unfortunately, will not be able to keep this up and running on the Chrome Store anymore. You can still clone the code from the Github Repo.

Aug 2018: New link on the chrome store! Unblur the Page (I hope this is no longer a copyright infringement lol). All future updates will be released on this. I do plan to port it to Firefox and Safari soon.

July 2018: Google took down the original extension Unblur Scribd from the chrome store due to trademark violations. X_X

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The current version is : 1.9.1.
The code is open source! Fork it on Github
Why I built this?

Update Log

Dec 2018 : Wrote a Firefox addon -- link.
Sep 2018 : v1.9.1 released. Scribd changed its CSS, so I updated the unblur code ;)
Aug 2018 : Uploaded extension again on the chrome store new link
Jul 2018 : Extension taken down from the chrome store due to copyright violations. Speaking with Google about putting it back up.
Mar 2018 : 20,000 weekly active users; 200,000 downloads
Jan 2018 : v1.8 released, fixes a minor bug
Aug 2017 : 10000 weekly active users
Oct 2016 : 5000 weekly active users
Sep 2016 : v1.6 released. Extension keeps un blurring on its own now, no need to click repeatedly. Fixes #3 Extension Store
May 2016 : Code fixed, extension is up again! Shoutout to Akshit Kumar for his contribution! Updated to v1.4 on Chrome Extension Store
Feb 2016 : Scribd updated its interface, extension doesn't work as of now. I'm overloaded with work so won't be able to fix it right now, feel free to fork and update!
Jan 2016 : 1000 weekly active users
Oct 2015 : Minor bug fix, updated to v1.2 on Chrome
Jun 2016 : 2000 weekly active users
Aug 2015 : Launched v1.0

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